La Biblioteca del Santuario

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The Bibliothèque Mazarine. The Bibliothèque Mazarine, which in 1945 was joined to the Institut de France, located since 1805 in the Collège des Quatre-Nations, is dependent on the French Ministry of Education. The Bibliothèque Mazarine’s reading room, restored between 1968 and 1974, recreates the surroundings of an important XVIIth century library and, over three hundred and fifty years after its foundation, remains an institution accessible to all, to the merely curious or the learned, nationals and foreigners. (photos by Remi Mathis)

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Beautiful Cherry Blossom |  by Eugene Yh


Beautiful Cherry Blossom | by Eugene Yh

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i literally do not understand why anybody would cheat on their partner like if you really feel the need to be with somebody else in the same way as you currently are with your partner, be a decent human being and end your relationship to save the person you supposedly love a whole world of unnecessary pain rather than be a piece of shit and break their heart 

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"The urge to travel feels magnetic."
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Kool Aid dyed yarn collection from Knitting Iris on Flickr.


Kool Aid dyed yarn collection from Knitting Iris on Flickr.

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It’s WIP Wednesday! Feels good to be knitting again. This is my first colourwork project, so I’m learning all kinds of good things about continental knitting and tension. I think this will definitely need some proper blocking, but I’m happy with it so far.

I’m using KnittyCat Yarns in Yellow Highlighter and Whiskers, and I’m knitting Veera Välimäki’s Brightest Day.

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I need these in my life asap. Ronin Warriors/Yoriden Samurai Troopers was my favorite Anime growing up!~ It also introduced me to Bromance. >.> Not to be confused with Yaoi. That isn’t to say I haven’t seen these guys in that light either!

ANYWAY! I thought it would be blasphemous not to share this with the world. I am sure I am not the only one just learning of these. They were supposedly just released this year…and at a pretty high price of almost a $100.00. Can check out the article here here

Also, if you love older Anime stuff like this, you may be interested in visiting my recently created Anime Nostalgia blog! It’s mostly for Anime released pre 2000. However I am not afraid to have a few honorable mentions post 2000! Anyway! Please check out my blog @ The Ramen House! /bow Thanks!

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Especial animé - Samurai Warriors

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Zoo Lover’s Day

To view more photos and videos of Zoo Lover’s Day, browse the #zoolovers hashtag on Instagram.

Happy Zoo Lover’s Day! Since the London Zoological Gardens were established in 1828, zoos have been a place to marvel at some of the most fascinating wild animals in the world, all in one place. Many zoos, however, have developed broader and more ambitious goals around education and conservation, engaging visitors in deeper ways with the issues that animals and their habitats may face in the wild.

Interested in learning more about zoos through the day-to-day lives of the animals they care for? Be sure to follow these zoos on Instagram:

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Exploring the Netherlands with the #supersizoobrothers

For more photos and videos from the Sizoo brothers, browse the #supersizoobrothers hashtag and follow @bastiaansizoo, @willemsizoo and @bob_sizoo on Instagram.

Going on photowalks on bitterly cold mornings may not be every teen’s idea of fun—but for three Dutch brothers, Bastiaan, Bob and Willem Sizoo, this regular occurrence has fueled their creative passion.

"We started using Instagram around one year ago," explains Bob. "It has allowed us to give our creativity a boost. It was, and still is, the reason why we wake up early to go out and take photos in the fog together or to document our travels to foreign countries."

New York Instagrammer Ilitch Peters @ilitchpeters added the hashtag #supersizoobrothers in a comment on one of their photos, and Bob said they decided to keep adding it to create “a place where everyone can see who we actually are and what we do.”

Their photos, while often taken together, demonstrate different styles and approaches. Fog, sunsets, #jumpstagrams and city scenes, however, are staples in all the brothers’ feeds.

"As a family, we travel a lot," adds Bob. "Most of our photos are taken in the Netherlands on foggy mornings or during chilly sunsets. A lot of my photos are also taken in larger cities in the Netherlands like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. We regularly meet up in cities with friends who we met through Instagram; we then go out and explore the city. Sometimes we organize InstaMeets together.”

As one of the younger groups of InstaMeet organizers in the area, more experienced Instagrammers often speak of how talented the trio are, and they hope to see more young groups like them coming together.

"I hope to inspire the new generation on Instagram to explore the world, take photos with their phone or camera from places they visit and to go to InstaMeets and meet new people." says Willem.

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Find out more about our Accio Books campaign here.

Remember this? Last year’s Accio Books campaign was a blast. Let’s make this year’s even better! Find out more, donate, and share.


Find out more about our Accio Books campaign here.

Remember this? Last year’s Accio Books campaign was a blast. Let’s make this year’s even better! Find out more, donate, and share.

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